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Alexander M. Kytmanov
Khodos, Olga V.
Alexander M. Kytmanov. On Some Examples of Systems of Transcendent Equations [Текст] / Alexander M. Kytmanov, Olga V. Khodos // Journal of Siberian Federal University: Mathematics & Physics. — 2020. — Т. 13 (№ 3). — С. 285-296;jsessionid=4487045DED1BEFDCABF90322C8936E7A?sequence=1
This article discusses examples of transcendent systems of equations of a general form. The residue integrals are determined over the cycles associated with the system. Formulas are given for their calculation and their relationship with the power sums of the roots of the system is established.
transcendent systems of equations
residue integrals
power sums of rootstranscendent systems of equations
power sums of roots
On Some Examples of Systems of Transcendent Equations
Journal Article
Journal Article Postprint
Институт математики и фундаментальной информатики
Базовая кафедра вычислительных и информационных технологий
Кафедра математического анализа и дифференциальных уравнений
Journal of Siberian Federal University
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