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  • Modernization and innovation: Economic and institutional role 

    Batukova L.R.; Bezrukikh D.V.; Senashov S.I.; Levshina V.V.; Yevseeva S.A. (Revista Espacios, 2019)
    This article proposes an interpretation of modernization and tools for its implementation in the interests of developing national or regional economy. We used morphological analysis of "modernization" and "innovation ...
  • The Model of Innovation Development Metasystem 

    Batukova Louise; Bagdasaryan Naira; Belyakova Galina; Vladimirova Olga; Belyakov Sergey (SOC ROMANA PENTRU ASIGURAREA CALITATII, BUCHAREST, 2019)
    Different fields of science from philosophy and institutional theory to theories of management, technological development and economics explore innovative transformations - mainly in terms of technical and institutional ...

    Немировский, Юрий Владимирович; Федорова, Наталья Александровна (2019)
  • Determination of Fiber-Structure for the Effective Reinforcement of Planar Composite-Material Constructions 

    Федорова Наталья Александровна (N. Feodorova) (2019-02)
  • Conservative Semi-Lagrangian Numerical Algorithm with Decomposition of Integration Domain into Tetrahedrons for Three-Dimensional Advection Problem 

    Вяткин, А. В.; Кучунова, Е. В. (2019-01)
    A conservative semi-Lagrangian method is developed in order to solve three-dimensional linear advection equation. It based on balance equation in integral form. Main feature of roposed method consists in way of computation ...
  • The peculiarities of interaction between the end-user and the remote sensing system for spatial objects detection and recognition 

    Брежнев, Руслан Владимирович; Маглинец, Юрий Анатольевич; Раевич, Ксения Владиславовна; Цибульский, Геннадий Михайлович (2019-05)
    Abstract. The paper discusses the requirements for the system of remote sensing (hereinafter referred to as “System”) which is focused on the end user (EU), based on the concepts of object-oriented monitoring. The ...
  • Dynamic Texture Recognition Under Adverse Lighting and Weather Conditions for Outdoor Environments 

    Пятаева, А. В. (2019-01)
    Recognizing dynamic patterns based on visual processing is significant for many applications. In this paper dynamic texture recognition focuses on outdoor scenarios where a crisis event might occur (i.e. fire in a forest, ...
  • Assessment of the possibility of using Sorbus aucuparia for the recultivation of disturbed lands near “Borodinsky” open-pit mine 

    Слепов, А. Н.; Лагунов, А. Н.; Коротченко, И. С.; Бояринова, С. П.; Первышина, Г. Г. (2019-04)
    В статье показано воздействие угледобывающего предприятия в Рыбинском районе Красноярского края (разрез «Бородинский» ОАО «СУЭК-Красноярск») на стабильность развития рябины обыкновенной. Репрезентативность данных подтверждена ...
  • Features of Students’ Attributional Style 

    Ignatova, V.; Baranovskaya, L.; Kudryavtsev, M.; Galimova, A.; Galimov, G.; Dagbaev, B.; Doroshenko, S.; Kamoza, T.; Harutyunyan, T.; Kondratyuk, T.; Plotnikova, I. (2018-10)
    Attributional style or explanatory style is a cognitive personal feature reflecting a standard specific way of explaining the reasons of events in which people are involved. This concept is key in M. Seligman’s theory of ...
  • Recycling of Electrolytic Aluminum Production Sweepings 

    Васюнина, Н. В.; Дубова, И. В.; Белоусов, С. В.; Шарыпов, Н. А. (2019)
    Предложен способ извлечения загрязняющих компонентов из сметок алюминиевого производства с целью дальнейшего возврата их в электролизер. Для обогащения материала предложена следующая схема: измельчение – классификация – ...
  • Assessment of Stability of Development of Arctium Lappa Near the Objects of Katek Located in the Territory of Nazarovsky District of Krasnoyarsk Krai 

    Слепов, А. Н.; Лагунов, А. Н.; Коротченко, И. С.; Бояринова, С. П.; Первышина, Г. Г. (2019-06)
    В статье проведена оценка стабильности развития травянистого рудерального растения – лопуха большого вблизи объектов Канско-Ачинского топливно-энергетического комплекса, расположенных на территории Назаровского района ...
  • Influence of sports asymmetry and ambidexterity of ground wrestling on the levelof competitive performance of Greco-Roman style wrestlers 

    Nagovitsyn, Roman; Zhuikova, Svetlana; Kondratiev, Nikolay; Osipov, Aleksander; Zhavner, Tatyana; Vapaeva, Anna (2018-12)
    In our studies, the purpose of our research was to determine the level of dependence of the competitive results of Greco-Roman wrestlers with their ability to realize technique in the ground wrestling in different directions. ...
  • Japanese presence in the Far East of Russia on the eve and at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War 

    Дацышен, В. Г.; Ипеева, А. А. (2019-07)
    Работа посвящена истории советско-японских отношений накануне и в начале Второй мировой войны. В статье рассматриваются проблемы японского присутствия на Дальнем Востоке России. Достигнув своего пика в годы Гражданской ...
  • Notarial Institution and Notaries of the Yenisei Province from 1897 to 1917 

    Карчаева, Т. Г.; Жулаева, А. С.; Северьянов, М. Д. (2019-06)
    В статье приведены исторические сведения о деятельности нотариальных контор и профессиональных нотариусов Енисейской губернии с января 1897 по февраль 1917 гг. Установлено, что система нотариата при Министерстве юстиции ...
  • Perspective Methods of Graphite Quality Improving 

    Илларионов, Илья Егорович; Гильманшина, Татьяна Ренатовна; Ковалева, Ангелина Адольфовна (2019-02)
    The influence of various methods of activation on the graphite particles average size and micro-relief of particles have been studied. It has been experimentally proved that the size of graphite particles decreases after ...
  • Level increase of competitive readiness of elite judokas in the weight category ofup to 60 kg (as an example is the national team of Kyrgyzstan) 

    Koptev, Oleg; Osipov, Aleksander; Kudryavtsev, Mikhail; Zhavner, Tatyana; Klimuk, Yuliya; Vapaeva, Anna; Kuzmin, Vladimir; Mokrova, Tatyana (2019-03)
    The aim of the research is to find the new methods of the judoists’ preparation for the competitive activity. Actually the participants of the researches are the men (n=20) and they are the members of Kyrgyzstan national ...
  • Study of the depth of penetration of self-heating non-stick coatings in cold-hardening mixtures 

    Илларионов, Илья Егорович; Гильманшина, Татьяна Ренатовна; Ковалева, Ангелина Адольфовна; Борисюк, Вера Алексанровна (2019-01)
    Исследованы толщины покровного и проникающего слоев в зависимости от содержания механоактивированного графита в наполнителе покрытия, наносимого на холоднотвердеющие смеси на основе жидкого стекла и смол. Установлено, что ...
  • Development of the ability to maintain body balance in young athletes 12-13 years practicing judo 

    Osipov, Aleksander; Kudryavtsev, Mikhail; Iermakov, Sergii; Jagiello, Wladyslaw; Doroshenko, Sergey (2018-04)
    Background & Study Aim: Preservation of postural stability of the body during competitive fights is considered an important factor in achieving success in judo. It is believed that the indicators of maintaining the balance ...
  • The overall knowledge characterising the training process of young sambo athletes 

    Osipov, Aleksander; Kudryavtsev, Mikhail; Iermakov, Sergii; Jagiello, Wladyslaw (2019-03)
    Background and Study Aim: Experts point to the lack of high-quality scientific research highlighting the initial training stage of young sambo athletes. The purpose of the research is knowledge based on scientific publications ...
  • Histological features of knee joint meniscus injuries of the professional athletes practicing various types of sports activities 

    Kasimov, Vadim; Russkih, Andrey; Shabokha, Anna; Osipov, Aleksander; Zhavner, Tatyana; Vapaeva, Anna (2018-10)
    A significant amount of the training loads increases the risk of injury during the athletic training for the athletes. The physicians note a significant increase of the knee joints injures of the athletes associated with the ...

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