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Денис, Владимирович Грузенкин
Алексей, Сергеевич Черниговский
Роман, Юрьевич Царев
Денис, Владимирович Грузенкин. N-version Software Module Requirements to Grant the Software Execution Fault-Tolerance [Текст] / Владимирович Грузенкин Денис, Сергеевич Черниговский Алексей, Юрьевич Царев Роман // Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. — 2017. — Т. 661. — С. 293-303
N-version programming is one of the approach ensuring high reliability and fault-tolerance of software on the basis of program redundancy and diversity. This approach ensures that faults of one of the versions of an N-version software module will not result in malfunction of the module operation process. N-version software realization, as a rule, depends upon capacities and preferences of the teams of designers and developers. This work is an attempt to denote basic requirements, which should be met at the design of N-version software to minimize the occurrence of possible program faults and influence of the modules versions on one another. The requirements to versions (program modules) of N-version software allow to ensure high-level reliability and fault-tolerance due to the elimination of the possible influence of separate versions on each other. A special attention has been paid to their interaction, which should not have any impact on the operation of the other components. For realization and research of N-version software developed taking into account the defined requirements an N-version software execution environment has been developed. Testing of the N-version software execution environment has demonstrated expediency of a component architecture application and high efficiency of N-version programming as a method of fault-tolerant software development.
N-version software
Execution environment
Software reliability
N-version Software Module Requirements to Grant the Software Execution Fault-Tolerance
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Институт космических и информационных технологий
Кафедра информатики
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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