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Shishov, V. V.
Tychkov, I. I.
Popkova, M. I.
Ilyin, V. A.
Bryukhanova, M. V.
Kirdyanov, A. V.
Shishov, V. V. VS-oscilloscope: A new tool to parameterize tree radial growth based on climate conditions [Текст] / V. V. Shishov, I. I. Tychkov, M. I. Popkova, V. A. Ilyin, M. V. Bryukhanova, A. V. Kirdyanov // Dendrochronologia. — 2016. — Т. 39. — С. 39-42
tIt is generally assumed in dendroecological studies that annual tree-ring growth is adequately deter-mined by a linear function of local or regional precipitation and temperature with a set of coefficientsthat are temporally invariant. However, various researchers have maintained that tree-ring records arethe result of multivariate, often nonlinear biological and physical processes. To describe critical pro-cesses linking climate variables with tree-ring formation, the process-based tree-ring Vaganov–Shashkinmodel (VS-model) was successfully used. However, the VS-model is a complex tool requiring a consid-erable number of model parameters that should be re-estimated for each forest stand. Here we present anew visual approach of process-based tree-ring model parameterization (the so-called VS-oscilloscope)which allows the simulation of tree-ring growth and can be easily used by researchers and students.The VS-oscilloscope was tested on tree-ring data for two species (Larix gmeliniiand Picea obovata) grow-ing in the permafrost zone of Central Siberia. The parameterization of the VS-model provided highlysignificant positive correlations (p < 0.0001) between simulated growth curves and original tree-ringchronologies for the period 1950–2009. The model outputs have shown differences in seasonal tree-ringgrowth between species that were well supported by the field observations. To better understand sea-sonal tree-ring growth and to verify the VS-model findings, a multi-year natural field study is needed,including seasonal observation of the thermo-hydrological regime of the soil, duration and rate of tracheiddevelopment, as well as measurements of their anatomical features.
Central Siberia
Tree-ring width
Tree-ring growth
Climate signal
Non-linear response
Tree-ring growth rates
VS-oscilloscope: A new tool to parameterize tree radial growth based on climate conditions
Journal Article
Journal Article Preprint
Торгово-экономический институт
Научно-исследовательская часть
Кафедра математических методов и информационных технологий

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