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Ермош, Л. Г.
Сафронова, Т. Н.
Присухина, Н. В.
Ермош, Л. Г. Features of biotechnological processes of bread production enriched with inulin-containing raw materials [Текст] / Л. Г. Ермош, Т. Н. Сафронова, Н. В. Присухина // IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. — 2020. — Т. 421 (№ 2).
Bread takes a leading place in the diet of all socio-demographic groups of the population, therefore, it should have not only high taste, but also significant nutritional value. Vitamin B, starch, dietary fiber, and minerals are daily supplied with bread to the human body. However, bread has a deficiency of vitamin C, iron, calcium, pectin, and other functional components. This involves enriching bread with various additives with functional properties. However, the introduction of various fillers ambiguously affects the biochemical processes of the development of yeast cells, fermentation and maturation of the test, baking processes, which largely depends on the chemical composition of the additive. This paper presents the rationale for the use of inulin-containing raw materials - powder from Jerusalem artichoke tubers in the production of yeast bread. The effect of the powder on the biotechnological processes of dough formation, quality indicators and nutritional value of the finished bread, staling processes is investigated. The results of the work made it possible to create new types of bread with high consumer properties, containing inulin, an increased amount of fiber and pectin and minerals that have prophylactic properties, including diabetes.
Jerusalem artichoke
biotechnological processes
Features of biotechnological processes of bread production enriched with inulin-containing raw materials
Journal Article
Published Journal Article
Торгово-экономический институт
Кафедра технологии и организации общественного питания
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
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