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Marina, Georgiyevna Sergeeva
Natalia, Leonidovna Sokolova
Lyudmila, Zhalalovna Karavanova
Lyudmila, Nikolaevna Hramova
Tatiana, Gennadyevna Stanchuliak
Vera, Viktorovna Kolchina
Lyudmila, Petrovna Lobacheva
Marina, Georgiyevna Sergeeva. The Technology of Forming A Future Specialist’s Basic Economic Culture [Текст] / Georgiyevna Sergeeva Marina, Leonidovna Sokolova Natalia, Zhalalovna Karavanova Lyudmila, Nikolaevna Hramova Lyudmila, Gennadyevna Stanchuliak Tatiana, Viktorovna Kolchina Vera, Petrovna Lobacheva Lyudmila // Amazonia Investiga. — 2020. — Т. 9 (№ 26). — С. 520-528
Текст статьи не публикуется в открытом доступе в соответствии с политикой журнала.
Despite a significant role of a society’s economic culture and a worker’s personality in the life of the society, an enterprise or another person, the problem of forming economic culture is underdeveloped in pedagogic and economic literature. It is still not clear how the processes of forming an individual’s basic economic culture and a specialist’s professional education in the conditions of continuous economic education are interconnected. Low effectiveness of a person who is not economically educated is underestimated. The process of a person’s economic culture growth causes significant problems as it appears to be a complex integrated phenomenon characterizing the manufacturing and entrepreneurial activities (the most important values accepted by the society members; dominating ethical standards of economic activity; the code of behavior; the system of formal and informal norms of economic activity; rituals, customs and traditions, individual and community interests; the level of the company consciousness and management, the manager’s organizing and administrative activity; availability and high quality of company’s basic and business documents; state-of-the-art office equipment, etc.). The economic component is a part of each block of requirements to the specialist and as a consequence is not an independent direction. However, its formation cannot be reached by a single learning discipline or a course of disciplines, but requires a system approach. The move to the market economy, the integration into the international educational space, the processes of democratization and humanization of the society life have required the Russian system of education to respond to a whole range of demands: to make the process of the specialist’s preparation for life and the specialist him/herself more flexible, able to respond to the changes in social processes; to adapt the graduates to the market relationships, which depend on the occupation level and the level of proposition in a work sphere; to ensure the flexibility of education which will facilitate a more comprehensive realization of a person’s creative potential.
Economic culture
the specialist’s economic training
economic knowledge
economic consciousness
economic experience
economic thinking
economic activity
The Technology of Forming A Future Specialist’s Basic Economic Culture
Journal Article
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Лесосибирский педагогический институт — филиал СФУ
Кафедра высшей математики, информатики и естествознания
Amazonia Investiga
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