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Cherepanskiy, A. N.
Tsikh, A. K.
Cherepanskiy, A. N. Convergence of two-dimensional hypergeometric series for algebraic functions [Текст] / A. N. Cherepanskiy, A. K. Tsikh // Integral Transforms and Special Functions. — 2020.
Description of convergence domains for multiple power series is a quite difficult problem. In 1889 J.Horn showed that the case of hypergeomteric series is more favourable. He found a parameterization formula for surfaces of conjugative radii of such series. But until recently almost nothing was known about the description of convergence domains in terms of functional inequalities ρj(|a1|, . . . , |am|) < 0 relatively moduli |ai| of series variables. In this paper we give a such description for hypergeometric series representing solutions to tetranomial algebraic equations. In our study we use the remarkable observation by M. Kapranov (16) consisting in the fact that the Horn’s formulae give a parameterization of discriminant locus for a corresponding A-discriminant. We prove that usually the considered convergence domains are determined by a signle or two inequalities ρ(|at |, |as|) ≶ 0, where ρ is a reduced discriminant.
Hypergeometric series
algebraic equations
Horn-Kapranov parameterization
Convergence of two-dimensional hypergeometric series for algebraic functions
Journal Article
Journal Article Preprint
Институт математики и фундаментальной информатики
Кафедра теории функций
Лаборатория комплексного анализа и дифференциальных уравнений
Integral Transforms and Special Functions

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