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Zubrilov, G.
Litvinov, P.
Melnikov, V.
Sorokin, A.
Zhukov, S.
Zubrilov, G. Hydraulic drive boom lifting mechanism [Текст] / G. Zubrilov, P. Litvinov, V. Melnikov, A. Sorokin, S. Zhukov // IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering: Materials Science and Engineering. — 2019. — Vol. 537 (Is. 3).
The paper presents the calculation of the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder of the boom at the inlet to the throttle, which regulates the speed of lowering the boom with a load, which provides a non-cavitation operation mode of the hydraulic drive. The pressure calculation takes into account the change in the angular acceleration of the boom with a load and the deformation of the working fluid and the walls of the hydraulic cylinder.
lifting mechanism
throttle control
boom lowering speed
lifting machines
fluid compressibility
drive pressure
hydraulic cylinder deformation
cavitation-free mode of hydraulic drive
hydraulic drive of lifting mechanism
hydraulic drive calculation algorithm
Hydraulic drive boom lifting mechanism
Journal Article
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Политехнический институт
Институт математики и фундаментальной информатики
Кафедра технологических машин и оборудования
Кафедра транспортных и технологических машин
Кафедра математического обеспечения дискретных устройств и систем
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
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