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Sai, Krishna Padamata
Ясинский, А. С.
Поляков, П. В.
Sai, Krishna Padamata. Progress of Inert Anodes in Aluminium Industry: Review [Текст] / Krishna Padamata Sai, А. С. Ясинский, П. В. Поляков // Journal of Siberian Federal University - Chemistry. — 2018. — Т. 11 (№ 1). — С. 18-30
The paper is a review of the advancements achieved towards the research work done towards inert anodes for aluminium reduction cell. The research work dedicated towards inert anodes has been for more than a century, but significant advancement was made only a few decades ago. The aim of the researchers was to find the anode which shows excellent electrical conductivity and highly resistant towards corrosion with longer anodic lifetime but this is highly difficult to achieve. This article reviews the research work done on: (1) Ceramics, which are oxides of Ni, Sn, Fe, and Cu which can be one or a combination of oxides e.g. NiO - Li2O (2) Metals, in pure or alloy form (3) Cermets, oxides in combination with the metals. Some results obtained in laboratory scale cells were highly liable and gave a scope to try them on industrial cells.
Inert anode
aluminium electrolysis
metallic anode
ceramic anode
cermet anode
lowtemperature electrolysis
Progress of Inert Anodes in Aluminium Industry: Review
Journal Article
Journal Article Preprint
Институт цветных металлов и материаловедения
Кафедра металлургии цветных металлов
Journal of Siberian Federal University - Chemistry
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