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Достовалова, Е. В.
Prokopenko, Anna Y.
Strogova, Natalja A.
Maschanov, Alexander A.
Borovik, Yulia N.
Alpatova, Natalia S.
Достовалова, Е. В. Organizing high school students’ independent learning using information and communication technologies [Текст] / Е. В. Достовалова, Anna Y. Prokopenko, Natalja A. Strogova, Alexander A. Maschanov, Yulia N. Borovik, Natalia S. Alpatova // European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences EpSBS: Conference: EEIA 2018 - International Conference "Education Environment for the Information Age". — 2018. — 1-X (2018).
The ultimate goal of educational activity is the formation of a student as a full-fledged subject of the educational process. A prerequisite for this is achieving by students of such level of development, when they are able to independently determine the purpose and objectives of their training activities, update the necessary knowledge, plan their actions, adjust them in accordance with the goal without the help of the teacher. Today it becomes obvious that one of the basic requirements of the society for the school of the 21st century is the formation of a personality that is capable of solving social, industrial and scientific problems, as well as being able to think critically, develop and defend one's position, one's convictions, and at the same time this person must systematically and constantly replenish and update their knowledge through self-education, improve their skills and use them creatively in their practical work. The authors of the article consider independent learning as a specially organized training and creative activity of the teacher and student, aimed at self-organization, self-education and self-control. Attention is focused on the search for new approaches to the organization of independent educational and cognitive activities that can expand the scope of traditional teaching and learning. In the authors' opinion, information and communication technology plays an important role today in activating independent learning and systematization of the students’ knowledge, information technology makes it possible to use both verbal teaching methods, search methods, and a creative activity based method including participation of both teacher and students.
independent educational and cognitive activity
Organizing high school students’ independent learning using information and communication technologies
Journal Article
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Институт педагогики, психологии и социологии
Кафедра информационных технологий обучения и непрерывного образования
European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences EpSBS
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