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    • The Clusters Self-Assembled Crystal and Magnetic Structure During the Martensite Transition in Fe86mn13c Alloy 

      Kveglis, Ludmila I.; Dzhes, Alexey V.; Volochaev, Micail N.; Cherkov, Alexander G.; Noskov, Fedor M.; Квеглис, Л.И.; Джес, А.В.; Волочаев, М.Н.; Черков, А.Г.; Носков, Ф.М. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2015-02)
      In bulk and thin film state Fe86Mn13C alloy observed experimentally self-assembly of the crystal and magnetic structures on multiscale levels. Offered self-assembly cluster model of atomic structure based on the concept ...