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    • Process Development for Refractory Gold Concentrates Treatment on Pokrovsky POX Hub 

      Zaytsev, Peter V.; Shneerson, Yakov M.; Lapin, Alexander Y.; Chugaev, Lev V.; Klementiev, Mikhail V.; Pleshkov, Mikhail A.; Fomenko, Ilia V.; Bakhvalov, Stepan S.; Зайцев, П.В.; Шнеерсон, Ю.М.; Лапин, А.Ю.; Чугаев, Л.В.; Клементьев, М.В.; Плешков, М.А.; Фоменко, И.В.; Бахвалов, С.С. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2014-08)
      The chemical composition and mineralogy of Malomir and Pioneer gold-bearing ores were discussed. The main gold forms in the ores were indicated: the preferential gold association with sulfide minerals was noted. The ...