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    • Luminescence and Light Scattering in the Doped ZBLAN and Tellurite Glasses 

      Alexeiko, Leonid N.; Maslennikova, Irina G.; Mamaev, Alexei Yu.; Kharchenko, Valeriy I.; Goncharuk, Vladimir K.; Kavun, Valeriy Ya.; Алексейко, Л.Н.; Масленникова, И.Г.; Мамаев, А.Ю.; Харченко, В.И.; Гончарук, В.К.; Кавун, В.Я. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2014-03)
      Some ZBLAN glasses doped with NdF3 and the tellurium-containing glass 90TeO2–10PbO∙P2O5 were studied by physical chemical methods. The temperature dependence of luminescence intensity was obtained for the ZBLAN glasses. ...