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    • P-Measure in the Class of m−wsh Functions 

      Abdullaev, Bakhrom I.; Абдуллаев, Бахром И. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2014-01)
      In this work we study the P-measure and P-capacity in the class of m−wsh functions and prove a number of their properties
    • Pages of History of Krasnoyarsk Scientific Centre of Siberian Branch of RAS 

      Kupershtokh, Natalia A.; Н.А. Куперштох (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2009-11)
      The article is devoted to academician L.V. Kirenskyis (1909-1969) work on organization of the first academic institute in Krasnoyarsk - Institute of Physics, which laid the foundation of development of the system of ...
    • Pakul Fort and Problem of Distinguishing of Ladeyskaya Culture 

      Mandryka, Pavel V.; Senotrusova, Polina O.; П. В.Мандрыка (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2009-08)
      The article carries in scientific turn information about history and culture of medieval tribes of Krasnoyarsk forest steppe which was received in the course of field work in 2008. Authors characterize the results, define ...
    • Palladium Catalysts on Carbon Supports Prepared from a Natural Graphite and Anthracite 

      Kuznetsov, Boris N.; Chesnokov, Nikolai V.; Mikova, Nadezhda M.; Shendrik, Tatyana G. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2008-04)
      Influence of the conditions of the carbon supports preparation from an expanded natural graphite and chemically modified anthracites on the formation of carbon porous structure, on the distribution and sizes of supported ...
    • The Panty Question in Yamal: Sawing, Trading, Discussing 

      Terekhina, Alexandra N.; Volkovitskiy, Alexander I.; Терёхина, А. Н.; Волковицкий, А. И. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2019-08)
      Since 1990s the collection of panty (reindeer velvet antlers) have become one of the important part of the economy of the tundra peoples. The panty trade had formed the whole social network between reindeer herders and ...
    • Paradigmatic Assumptions of Thinking in Law: Philosophy of Science and Methodology of Science Considerations 

      Varga, Csaba; Варга, Чаба (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2013-10)
      The article considers what is meant by fact, concept, as well as logic and thinking within the contrast of objectivism and subjectivism, as well as their compromise in postmodernity
    • Parafiscalities: Problems and Prospects of Legal Regulation 

      Ignatenko, Victor V.; Vasilyeva, Natalya W.; Pyatkovskaya, Yulia W.; Игнатенко, В. В.; Васильева, Н. В.; Пятковская, Ю. В. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2019-11)
      The article refers to investigating problems of legal regulation of parafiscal payments and ways of their solving. It marks the increasing number of payments as well as strengthening scientists’ interest to the issue in ...
    • Parameter Determination in a Differential Equation of Fractional Order with Riemann -Liouville Fractional Derivative in a Hilbert Space 

      Orlovsky, Dmitry G.; Орловский, Дмитрий Г. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2015-02)
      The Cauchy type problem for a differential equation with fractional derivative and self-adjoint operator in a Hilbert space is considered. The problem of parameter determination in equation by the value of the solution ...
    • Parasocial Relationships in the Modern Russian Society: Sociological Analysis in the Context of Regional Research 

      Novikov, Aleksey S.; Новиков, А.С. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2015-11)
      The research paper considers the problem of studying parasocial relationships in the modern Russian society. In particular, the importance of such an analysis in the context of sociological, philosophical and psychological ...
    • Parental Values and Behavior: Intercountry Analysis 

      Zelikova, Yuliya A.; Зеликова, Ю. А. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2014-01)
      The paper analyses the influence of parental individual values which correspond precisely to theory of modernization of Ronald Inglehart and are observed as materialistic and post-materialistic, as family values and ...
    • Parenting Internalization and Correlations Between Parenting, Sentiments, and Self-satisfaction Variables in Adolescence and Adulthood 

      Breslavs, Gershons; Г.М. Бреслав (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2008-01)
      The transition from adolescence to adulthood is currently attracting increased attention in developmental psychology. According to Vygotsky, Bronfenbrenner, Erikson and Bruner’s developmental theories, increasing autonomy ...
    • Participation in Extracurricular Activities and Development of Personal and Interpersonal Skills in Adolescents 

      Ivaniushina, Valeria A.; Zapletina, Oksana O.; Иванюшина, В.А.; Заплетина, О.О. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2015-11)
      In this study, we analyze self-reported development experience of adolescents involved in various extracurricular activities. We surveyed a large number of students (9th grade) across several regions of the Russian ...
    • Peculiarities of Activation Processes the Cerebral Cortex in Oligomerrhea of Teenagers 

      Shilova, Olga Yu.; Bragina, Marina A.; Шилова, О.Ю.; Брагина, М.А. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2013-09)
      The article presents the data on the epidemiology of menstrual cycle disorders of Krasnoyarsk teenagers. The increase in the frequency of oligomenorrhea, indicating worsening of functional disorders of the reproductive ...
    • Peculiarities of Adaptation of the Novel by F.M. Dostoyevsky “The Idiot” in the Opera by M. Weinberg of the Same Name 

      Voitkevich, Svetlana G.; Войткевич, С.Г. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2020-06)
      The article is devoted to the issues of correlation between the literary source and the musical drama. The opera “The Idiot”, finished by the Russian composer Mieczysław Weinberg in 1986 and performed on the leading ...
    • Peculiarities of Indigenous Children’s Literature 

      Smolina, Maia G.; Смолина, М.Г. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2016-09)
      The article deals with the specificity of addressing children, reflection of the mythology and folklore, peculiarities of creativity of indigenous literature. The review, analysis and comparison of the Khakass, Tuvinian, ...
    • The Peculiarities of Innovative Development of Resource Regions 

      Zimnyakova, Tatiana S.; Зимнякова, Т.С. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2017-12)
      The transition of the Russian economy to an innovative type of development requires the elaboration and implementation of a systemic state policy aimed at intensifying innovation activities in the regions. However, the ...
    • Peculiarities of Life-Meaning Orientations of Mature People 

      Sakharova, Tatiana N.; Сахарова, Т.Н. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2019-02)
      The study of life-meaning orientations of mature people is described in the article. The author’s definition of person’s life-meaning orientations is given. The results of empiric study of the content of mature people’s ...
    • Peculiarities of Pre-Synergetic and Synergetic Approaches to the Cognition of Existence 

      Abramov, Jury F.; Bondarenko, Olga V.; Абрамов, Ю.Ф.; Бондаренко, О.В. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2014-11)
      The peculiarities of pre-synergetic and synergetic approaches to the cognition of existence (complex objects) are studied in the article. The necessity to change theoretical and methodological principles of cognition of ...
    • Peculiarities of Social and Legal Regulation of Internet Relations 

      Mal’ko, Alexander V.; Anisimova, Alina S.; Малько, А.В.; Анисимова, А.С. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2016-08)
      The present article studies peculiarities of legal regulation of Internet relations in regard with other social norms, which include the following: first of all, it is a new scope of law; secondly, it requires a co-regulation ...
    • Peculiarities of the Genre of Poem in the Literature of the Peoples of the North 

      Okorokova, Varvara B.; Vinokurova, Antonina A.; Окорокова, В.Б.; Винокурова, А.А. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2018-04)
      The contribution of the writers of the north to the development of the genre of poem is considered in the article. In the poems by V. Lebedev and Uluro Ado, who became the first poets in the Even and Yukaghir literatures, ...