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    • H.L.A. Hart’s Methodology of Defining Legal Concepts: Problems of Connection Between Semantics and Pragmatics in Legal Language 

      Kasatkin, Sergei N.; Касаткин, С.Н. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2018)
      The subject of this article is a method of jurisprudential definition introduced by a British philosopher and jurist H.L.A. Hart. In particular it discusses: (1) the author’s account of specificity of legal discourse ...
    • Hadji Murad by Decker-Schenk on Khabarovsk Stage: to the Problem of Formation of Artistic and Aesthetic Taste and Social and Moral Orientations of the Provincial Audience 

      Syrvacheva, Svetlana S.; Сырвачева, С.С. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2016-06)
      In Khabarovsk and a number of other provincial towns at the turn of the 19th – 20th centuries, foreign and Russian operetta formed the basis of the mixed operetta and drama troupes’ repertoire. One of the first Russian ...
    • Hall’s Polynomials of Finite Two -Generator Groups of Exponent Seven 

      Kuznetsov, Alexander A.; Safonov, Konstantin V.; Кузнецов, Александр А.; Сафонов, Константин В. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2014-04)
      Let Bk = B0(2, 7, k) be the largest two-generator finite group of exponent 7 and nilpotency class k. Hall’s polynomials of Bk for k 6 4 are calculated
    • Happiness and Democracy, 1972-2008 

      Inglehart, Ronald F.; Ponarin, Eduard D.; Инглхарт, Р.Ф.; Понарин, Э.Д. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2013-08)
      Before the avalanche of democratization that occurred around 1990, happiness was strongly correlated with democracy: at the national level, subjective well-being showed correlations close to .8 with such measures of ...
    • Hardware Architectures of the QR-Decomposition Based on a Givens Rotation Technique 

      Sokolovskiy, Alexey V.; Veisov, Evgeny A.; Tyapkin, Valery N.; Dmitriev, Dmitry D.; Соколовский, Алексей В.; Вейсов, Евгений А.; Тяпкин, Валерий Н.; Дмитриев, Дмитрий Д. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2019-10)
      The fixed-point hardware architecture of the QR decomposition is constrained by a several issues that leads to decrease of a compute accuracy depending on a matrix size. In this article described the hardware architectures ...
    • Harmonics and Neutral Line Current Compensation in Three-Phase Four-Wire Power Systems 

      Chernyshov, Maxim O.; Dovgun, Valery P.; Vazhenina, Irina G.; Temerbaev, Sergei A.; Novikov, Victor V.; Чернышов, М.О.; Довгун, В.П.; Важенина, И.Г.; Темербаев, С.А.; Новиков, В.В. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2018)
      Load unbalance and modern office equipment result in a significant neutral current in three-phase four-wire low-voltage power systems. This paper considers a new configuration of hybrid power filter for power quality ...
    • Harmony of Sounds in Boris Pasternak’s Poetry 

      Yelovskaya, Natalia A.; Sidiakova, Irina F.; Еловская, Н.А.; Сидякова, И.Ф. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2014-09)
      The paper studies questions of sound palette in Pasternak’s poetry, abundance of the world of sounds, that were heard in nature, music, everyday life and contribute to disclosure of a character, image and external ...
    • The Heating Process in an Induction Crucible Furnace and the Technology of Chromium Bronze Smelting in Order to Obtain Resistance Welding Electrodes 

      Busygin, Sergei L.; Tokmin, Aleksandr M.; Dementeva, Irina S.; Kazakov, Vladimir S.; Бусыгин, С.Л.; Токмин, А.М.; Дементьева, И.С.; Казаков, В.С. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2018-03)
      The article describes the process of induction heating and the advantages of an induction furnace. The models of heating of the graphite crucibles and metal at different frequencies are shown. The technology of chromium ...
    • Henrich Rickert’s Methodology and its Application for Solution of the Problem of Cultural Values in Contemporary Theory of Culture 

      Koptzeva, Natalia P.; Makhonina, Anna A.; Н.П. Копцева; А.А.Махонина (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2009-05)
      The article is devoted to consideration of the problem of cultural values in contemporary theory of culture. While searching for the ways of solution of the problem of definition of «cultural value» concept and its ...
    • Herbert Hart’s Doctrine of Indeterminacy in Law (1949–1961): Main Stages of Development 

      Kasatkin, Sergei N.; Касаткин, С.Н. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2018)
      This article challenges a traditional account of a British philosopher and jurist H.L.A. Hart’s doctrine of indeterminacy in law, according to which this doctrine is associated with the ideas of “open texture” of legal ...
    • Heritage Interpretation as Tool in Cross-Cultural Communication: Сhallenges and Solutions in the Work of Guides-Interpreters 

      Weber, Elena A.; Вебер, Е.А. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2018-07)
      This article introduces the notion, definitions, principles and some techniques of heritage interpretation. Being a useful tool for overcoming challenging translation, cultural and cross-cultural barriers heritage ...
    • Hermeneutical Approaches in Social Philosophy and their Ability for the Analysis of Chinese Society 

      Sorokopud, Sergey N.; Сорокопуд, С.Н. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2013-11)
      The problem of the hermeneutical methodology for research in social philosophy is raised and solved in the article. The formation of hermeneutics as a philosophical method is discussed. Particular attention is given to ...
    • Heterogeneous System MMPP/GI(2)/∞ with Random Customers Capacities 

      Pankratova, Ekaterina V.; Moiseeva, Svetlana P.; Farhadov, Mais P.; Moiseev, Alexandr N.; Панкратова, Екатерина В.; Моисеева, Светлана П.; Фархадов, Маис П.; Моисеев, Александр Н. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2019-04)
      A heterogeneous queuing system with an infinite number of servers is considered in this paper. Customers arrive in the system according to a Markov Modulated Poisson Process. The type of incoming customer is defined as ...
    • High Gain Ku-Band Substrate Integrated Waveguide Slot Antenna Arrayru_RU 

      Lemberg, Konstantin V.; Nazarov, Oleg A.; Panko, Vasiliy S.; Salomatov, Yury P.; Лемберг, К.В.; Назаров, О.А.; Панько, В.С.; Саломатов, Ю.П. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2015-05)
      16 x 16 element waveguide-slot antenna array at 14.4 GHz is described. Antenna is built using substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology. Simulated and measured characteristic of fabricated antenna are presented
    • High Performance In-Situ Composites Developed from Polypropylene/Nylon 6/Carbon Nanotube Blend Systems 

      Deeraj, Battula Durga Siva; Jayanarayanan, Karingamanna; Kuruvilla, Joseph; Дирэдж, Б.Д.С.; Джаянарайанан, К.; Курувилла, Д. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2018-06)
      In the present work, microfibrillar composites (MFCs) based on polypropylene (PP) /Nylon 6 (NY) blends, along with multi walled carbon tubes (MWCNT) were prepared by melt processing technique. The blending of the fibre ...
    • High Purity Composite Briquette for Direct UMG-Si Production in Arc Furnaces 

      Perruchoud, Raymond; Fischer, Jean-Claude; Перручоуд, Раймонд; Фишер, Жан-Клод (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2017-03)
      In the Metallurgical Grade Si (MG-Si), the B and P contents are in average above 30 ppm as the carbon reduction materials used in the arc furnace are either rich in B (coal) or in P (charcoal). A decrease of both impurities ...
    • High-Level Design Flows for VLSI Circuit 

      Nepomnyashchy, Oleg V.; Legalov, Alexander I.; Sirotinina, Natalia J.; Непомнящий, О.В.; Легалов, А.И.; Сиротинина, Н.Ю. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2014-09)
      Design flows for very-large-scale integration circuit are considered. The problems arising from the realization of the project using top-down and system design methods are highlighted. The technology of an architecture ...
    • High-Temperature Heat Capacity of Erbium Cuprate 

      Denisova, Liubov Т.; Belousova, Natalya V.; Denisov, Viktor М.; Chumilina, Liubov G.; Kirik, Sergey D.; Денисова, Л.Т.; Белоусова, Н.В.; Денисов, В.М.; Кирик, С.Д.; Чумилина, Л.Г. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2014-09)
      Data on the molar heat capacity of Er2Cu2O5 (359 – 974 K) were obtained by differential scanning calorimetry. The Cp = f(T) experimental data were used to determine thermodynamic properties of this compound
    • Higher Education in Resource-Type Regions 

      Kurbatova, Margarita V.; Donova, Inna V.; Курбатова, М.В.; Донова, И.В. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2019-12)
      Currently, attention to regional economies of resource type is on the rise. Many papers dealing the “resource curse” problem discuss the mechanisms forming a trap of human capital underdevelopment. This article is an attempt ...
    • The Highest Dimension of Commutative Subalgebras in Chevalley Algebras 

      Suleimanova, Galina S.; Сулейманова, Галина С. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2019-06)
      Let L (K) denotes a Chevalley algebra with the root system over a field K. In 1945 A. I. Mal’cev investigated the problem of describing abelian subgroups of highest dimension in complex simple Lie groups. He solved this ...