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    • Disturbance of meromixis in saline Lake Shira (Siberia, Russia): possible reasons and ecosystem response 

      Rogozin, D. Y.; Tarnovsky, M. O.; Belolipetskii, V. M.; Zykov, V. V.; Zadereev, E. S.; Tolomeev, A. P.; Drobotov, A. V.; Barkhatov, Y. V.; Gaevsky, N. A.; Gorbaneva, T. B.; Kolmakova, A. A.; Degermendzhi, A. G. (2017)
      Saline Lake Shira (Southern Siberia, Russia) was meromictic through the observation period 2002-2015. During the under-ice periods of 2015 and 2016, complete mixing of the water column was recorded for the first time, and ...
    • Salinity modulates thermotolerance, energy metabolism and stress response in amphipods Gammarus lacustris 

      Vereshchagina, K. P.; Shatilina, Z. M.; Bedulina, D. S.; Gurkov, A. N.; Axenov-Gribanov, D. V.; Baduev, B. K.; Kondrateva, E. S.; Gubanov, M. V.; Zadereev, E. S.; Sokolova, I. M.; Timofeyev, M. A. (2016-11)
      Temperature and salinity are important abiotic factors for aquatic invertebrates. We investigated the influence of different salinity regimes on thermotolerance, energy metabolism and cellular stress defense mechanisms in ...