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    • Dendro-provenancing of Arctic driftwood 

      Hellmann, L.; Tegel, W.; Geyer, J.; Kirdyanov, A. V.; Nikolaev, A. N.; Eggertsson, O.; Altman, J.; Reinig, F.; Morganti, S.; Wacker, L.; Büntgen, U. (2017-04)
      Arctic driftwood may represent a cross-disciplinary proxy archive at the interface of marine and terrestrial environments, which will likely gain in importance under future global climate change. Circumpolar network analyses ...
    • Reply to 'Limited Late Antique cooling' 

      Büntgen, U.; Myglan, V. S.; Ljungqvist, F. C.; Mccormick, M.; Di, Cosmo N.; Sigl, M.; Jungclaus, J.; Wagner, S.; Krusic, P. J.; Esper, J.; Kaplan, J. O.; de Vaan M.A.C.; Luterbacher, J.; Wacker, L.; Tegel, W.; Solomina, O. N.; Nicolussi, K.; Oppenheimer, C.; Reinig, F.; Kirdyanov, A. V. (2017-04)
      We discuss the combined efficacy of environmental, archaeological and historical indicators in establishing a prolonged period of cold summers across much of the Northern Hemisphere landmass between 536 and about 660 AD, ...