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    • Cryptocrystalline graphite chemical-mechanical preparation for subsequent processing stages 

      Gilmanshina, T. R.; Lytkina, S. I.; Zhereb, V. P.; Koroleva, G. A. (2016-03)
      A combined effect of chemical treatment and mechanical activation upon cryptocrystalline graphite condition was studied. Chemical-mechanical preparation was accomplished by means of sulfuric acid in the presence of potassium ...
    • Incluence of the activation time on parameters of a graphite structure 

      Mamina, L. I.; Gil’Manshina, T. R.; Anikinaa, V. I.; Baranov, V. N.; Lytkina, S. I.; Abkaryan, A. K.; Khudonogov, S. A. (2016)
      The structure of natural crystalline and cryptocrystalline graphites from deposits of Krasnoyarsk krai is investigated by means of X-ray structural analysis using a D8 Advance diffractometer (Bruker, Germany). The variations ...