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    • Compensation model of multi-attribute decision making and its application to N-version software choice 

      Gruzenkin, D. V.; Grishina, G. V.; Durmuş, M. S.; Üstoǧlu, İ.; Tsarev, R. Yu. (2017-04)
      Multi-attribute decision making deals with discrete finite set of alternatives. The solution to the multi-attribute decision making problem is the choice of an alternative from the set of all possible alternatives on the ...
    • Enhanced V-model 

      Durmuş, M. S.; Üstoğlu, İ.; Tsarev, R. Yu.; Börcsök, J. (2018-12)
      Typically, software development processes are time consuming, expensive, and rigorous, particularly for safety-critical applications. Even if guidelines and recommendations are defined by sector-specific functional safety ...