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    • Ranking of tree-ring based temperature reconstructions of the past millennium 

      EsperJan; Krusic, Paul J.; Ljungqvist, Fredrik; Luterbacher, Jürg; Carrer, Marco; Cook, Ed; Davi, Nicole K.; Hartl-Meier, Claudia; Kirdyanov, A.; Konter, O.; Myglan, V.; Timonen, Mauri; Treydte, Kerstin; Trouet, Valerie; Villalba, Ricardo; Wilson, Rob S.; Yang, Bao; Büntgen, Ulf (2016-08)
      Tree-ring chronologies are widely used to reconstruct high-to low-frequency variations in growing season temperatures over centuries to millennia. The relevance of these timeseries in large-scale climate reconstructions ...