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    • Active mixing of immobilised enzymatic system in microfluidic chip 

      Лукьяненко, Кирилл А.; Kirill I. Belousov; Ivan A. Denisov; Anton S. Yakimov; Elena N. Esimbekova; Anton S. Bukatin; Anatoly A. Evstrapov; Peter I. Belobrov (2017)
      Parameters for sample introduction, dried reagents dissolution and mixing with sample for bienzyme system NAD(H):FMN-oxidoreductase and luciferase immobilised in microfluidic chip were successfully determined. Numerical ...
    • Handheld Enzymatic Luminescent Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Heavy Metals in Water Samples 

      Kirill A. Lukyanenko; Ivan A. Denisov; Vladimir V. Sorokin; Anton S. Yakimov; Elena N. Esimbekova; Peter I. Belobrov (2019-03)
      Enzymatic luminescent systems are a promising tool for rapid detection of heavy metals ions for water quality assessment. Nevertheless, their widespread use is limited by the lack of test procedure automation and available ...