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    • Application of Self-Gonfiguring Genetic Algorithm for Human Resource Management 

      ˇSkraba, Andrej; Kofjaˇc, Davorin; ˇZnidarˇsiˇc, Anja; Maletiˇ, Matjaˇz; Rozman, ˇCrtomir; Semenkina, Maria E.; Semenkin, Eugene S.; Stanovov, Vladimir V.; Шкраба, Андрей; Кофьяч, Даворин; Жнидаршич, Аня; Малетич, Матьяж; Рoзман, Чртомир; Семенкин, Евгений С.; Семенкина, Мария Е.; Становов, Владимир В. (2015-02)
      This paper describes the problem of human resource management which can appear in many organiza- tions during restructuration periods. The problem is simulated by a dynamic model, similar to a supply chain model with ...
    • System Dynamics Model for Conversion to Organic Farming 

      Rozman, ˇCrtomir; Kljaji´c, Miroljub; ˇSkraba, Andrej; Рoзман, Чртомир; Кляйич, Миролюб; Шкраба, Андрей (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2015-02)
      In this paper model for organic farming development to support government decision making is presented. After performing several simulation scenarios we discovered that conversion to organic farming relies on subsidies ...