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      Kovalevskaya, E. E.; Chernyshova, Y. I.; Troushkova, T. V. (Сибирский федеральный университет, 2011)

      Kovalevskaya, E. E.; Chernyshova, Y. I.; Troushkova, T. V. (Сибирский федеральный университет, 2011)
    • Rainman and Lieutenant Kizhe: Name in Second-Order Semiological System 

      Efimova, Nadezhda N.; Ефимова, Н.Н. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2018-01)
      The article sums up the analysis of quasi-names as a result of receptive distortion in the course of auditory perception. Rolan Barthes’ theory of second-order semiological system is applied to modeling cognitive procedures ...
    • Raman and infrared characterization of gadolinium-doped manganese sulfide 

      Gerasimova, Y. V.; Oreshonkov, A. S.; Romanova, O. B.; Ivanenko, A. A.; Krylov, A. S. (2017-02)
      Gadolinium manganese sulfide solid solutions are investigated by infrared and Raman spectroscopy. Longitudinal optical–transverse optical splitting of the manganese–sulfur bond vibration is observed in the vibrational ...
    • Raman scattering and phase transitions in (NH4)3TiF7 

      Gerasimova, Y. V.; Oreshonkov, A. S.; Laptash, N. M.; Krylov, A. S.; Aliev, A. R.; Roginsky, E. M. (2018-07)
      Raman spectra of (NH4)3TiF7 within spectral range 10–3,400 cm−1 at temperatures 8–370 K are recorded, which revealed 2 phase transitions at temperatures T1 = 355 K and T2 = 283 K. First principles calculations of lattice ...
    • Raman scattering study of δ-BiB3O6 crystal 

      Strikina, E. A.; Krylov, A. S.; Oreshonkov, A. S.; Vtyurin, A. N. (2016-10)
      The total set of polarized Raman spectra have been obtained at room temperature, and an assignment of observed modes based on the lattice dynamics simulation and polarization selection rules is proposed. An LO-TO splitting ...
    • Raman spectra and phase composition of MnGeO3 crystals 

      Орешонков, А. С.; Герасимова, Ю. В.; Ершов, А. А.; Крылов, А. С.; Шайхутдинов, К. А.; Втюрин, А. Н.; Молокеев, М. С.; Терентьев, К. Ю.; Махашенок, Н. В. (2016-05)
      MnGeO3 single-crystal samples have been synthesized by optical zonal melting and spontaneous crystallization. X-ray crystal analysis showed the first sample to be a two-phase one with phase ratio as follows: 17% – monoclinic ...
    • Raman Spectra and Structural Phase Transition in Pr3Sb5O12 Crystal 

      Ходжибаев, А. К.; Орешонков, А. С.; Умаров, М. Ф.; Втюрин, А. Н.; Hojiboev, A. K.; Oreshonkov, A. S.; Umarov, M. F.; Vtyurin, A. N. (2015-12)
      Raman spectroscopy investigation of phase transition in Pr3Sb5O12 crystal is reported. Spectra were obtained in temperature range from 300 to 800 K. Soft mode restoration has been found below 735 K, that allows to attribute ...
    • Raman spectroscopy studies of the terahertz vibrational modes of a DUT-8 (Ni) metal-organic framework 

      Alexander, Krylov; Alexander, Vtyurin; Mariia, Maliuta; Irena, Senkovska; Volodymyr, Bon; Stefan, Kaskel; Evgenia, Slyusareva (2017-12)
      Low-frequency lattice vibration modes have been discussed to play a crucial role in phase transformation process of switchable metal–organic frameworks (MOFs). Therefore, Raman spectroscopy was applied to study lattice ...
    • Raman Spectroscopy Study of the Behavior of the Soft Mode in a Structural Phase Transition in the Pr3Sb5O12 Crystal 

      Орешонков, А. С.; Ходжибаев, А. К.; Крылов, А. С.; Умаров, М. Ф.; Втюрин, А. Н.; Oreshonkov, A. S.; Khodzhibaev, A. K.; Krylov, A. S.; Umarov, M. F.; Vtyurin, A. N. (2015-11)
      The structural phase transition in the Pr3Sb5O12 crystal has been studied using Raman spectroscopy. The phase transition is accompanied by the recovery of the soft mode below T = 735 K, which is associated with the ...
    • Ranking of tree-ring based temperature reconstructions of the past millennium 

      EsperJan; Krusic, Paul J.; Ljungqvist, Fredrik; Luterbacher, Jürg; Carrer, Marco; Cook, Ed; Davi, Nicole K.; Hartl-Meier, Claudia; Kirdyanov, A.; Konter, O.; Myglan, V.; Timonen, Mauri; Treydte, Kerstin; Trouet, Valerie; Villalba, Ricardo; Wilson, Rob S.; Yang, Bao; Büntgen, Ulf (2016-08)
      Tree-ring chronologies are widely used to reconstruct high-to low-frequency variations in growing season temperatures over centuries to millennia. The relevance of these timeseries in large-scale climate reconstructions ...
    • Rapid biosensing tools for cancer biomarkers 

      Ranjan, Rajeev; Esimbekova, E. N.; Kratasyuk, V. A. (2016-07)
      The present review critically discusses the latest developments in the field of smart diagnostic systems for cancer biomarkers. A wide coverage of recent biosensing approaches involving aptamers, enzymes, DNA probes, ...
    • The Rationale for the Method of Calculating the Angles of Arrival of Short Radio Waves Taking Into Account the Influence of Regular and Random Inhomogeneities of the Ionosphere 

      Agaryshev, Anatoly I.; Nguyen, Minh G.; Агарышев, А.И.; Нгуен, М.Ж. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2019-08)
      The article presents a reasonable method of calculating the angles of elevation of short radio waves with the influence of regular and random inhomogeneities of the ionosphere. The method calculates short radio waves ...
    • Rationality as a Sociological Category, Free from Evaluation 

      Trufanov, Dmitrij O.; Труфанов, Д.О. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2013-08)
      This paper discusses rationality as a sociological category in the light of Weber’s principle of freedom from evaluation. This principle is understood as the need to free scientific categories from subjective evaluation ...
    • Raymond Carver as “The American Chekhov” 

      Butenina, Evgenia M.; Бутенина, Е.М. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2018-01)
      Raymond Carver was first called “the American Chekhov” in the late 20th century, and since then discovering affinities between Chekhov and Carver has become an important aspect in Russian-American comparative studies. ...
    • Reactions of dl-homocystine and 3,3′-dithiodipropionic acid with Pd(II) in aqueous hydrochloric solutions. Part I: coordination model 

      Petrov, A. I.; Dergachev, I. D.; Golovnev, N. N.; Kondrasenko, A. A.; Erenburg, S. B.; Trubina, S. V. (2017-07)
      Stoichiometry of Pd(II) interactions with dl-homocystine and 3,3′-dithiodipropionic acid were investigated spectrophotometrically in strong hydrochloric acidic media. It was established that thiolate and sulfinate complexes ...
    • Reactive Ion Exchange Processes of Nonferrous Metal Leaching and Dispersion Material Synthesis 

      Pashkov, G. L.; Saikova, S. V.; Panteleeva, M. V. (2016)
    • Reading Akhmatova: on the Pathway to Finding Self 

      Mikhailova, Galina P.; Михайлова, Г.Н. (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University., 2015-06)
      Based on P. Ricoeur’s theory of reading, the article provides a literary solution to the problem of self-identification, leading to the issue of a poet’s “narrative identity”. It is proved by the analysis of “Reading ...
    • Real Options in Management of Modern Corporation: Perspectives of Usage and the Problem of Valuation 

      Kayachev, Gennadiy F.; Peksheva, Valeriya S.; Г.Ф. Каячев; В.С. Пекшева (Сибирский федеральный университет. Siberian Federal University, 2009-05)
      In the given article the approaches to the core of strategic management of company are showed, the role and meaning of various indexes for estimation of corporate strategies effectiveness are analyzed. On the basis of ...